Hello, My name is Jessie Velusamy, done my graduation in Mathematics, PG diploma in Packaging Science and Technology, Diploma in Materials management.
I bring about 14 years of experience. Since 4 years, I am working in a Google awarded MOOCs E-Learning Project in the role of Training coordinator responsible for spreading IT literacy with the help of IIT Bombay’s ST Software courses. I help the educational insitutes in course selection, mapping to their University’s syllabus and help the faculty organiser or the college coordinator to plan, organise the training for the students in their premises and acquire IT Skills set. I oversee and monitor training related activities in the states of Chhattisgarh, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya.

Developed a business model resulting resulting into growth of 50000 participants in just year which took 3 years.

Accountable for systematic and sustainable training in the state for 4 years, in 2014 we started with 3000 participants only in Chhattisgarh.

Invited as a Resource speaker from Spoken Tutorial for a talk in “Institutional Quality Improvement: Role of ICT”, held at St. Bede’s College. Achieved over 400 faculty certified under our Faculty Development program.

I have got skills and expertise in the training the education sectors, empowering the students with skills and making them look competent in the face of the industry

I can design model, improvise the processes, guide, and monitor and consult the core team give midterm course correction, change strategy or bring new approach resulting into scaling up and sustainable of the program.

Previously 9 years experience in Pharma Purchase; responsible for working in systems, structures and processes to plan and execute the flow of Packaging materials from supplier to customer through Loan licensing and In-house manufacturing plants.

I love to write, read other blogs that interests me, care about the comments, feed backs, and here to learn and contribute to the community!

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