Modes and Mediums of Communication

In my first blog on communication, while giving the basics of communication, I already mentioned two types of modes of communication. Below I include the third one.
1) Verbal Communication.
2) Written Communication.
3) Non-verbal Communication.

The use of each of above modes of communication will depend on factors such as –
a) The persons you are put up with,
b) The place where the incident is taking place,
c) The purpose and significance of the communication.
Analyzing this, you will prefer to use the above communication for achieving your final purpose.

Verbal – one speaks and other listens to understand the message for next action step. Medium – talking in person, phone call, video call.

Written – one writes for other(s) to read or touch and interpret the message.
Medium – Letters, E-messages (mail & chat), pictogram, Braille.

Non-Verbal – In the absence of above two modes, one uses observation to understand the meaning.
Medium – Sign language, body language, gestures.

In my next blog, I will give brief explanation and examples to have deeper understanding on the subject.

Stay tuned!

P.S. Fight together against Corona-virus by staying at home – be safe and make others safe too!


With best regards,

Jessie Velusamy

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