Right conversation matters all the time!

A senior colleague knocks our department door today.

He said, “I get this same work done every 3 months only when I remind”.

He said, “Before you, I guided the 2 persons about this work, and now, I have to do this with you! Do you have some system in place that this kind of follow up could be avoided?”.

I replied, “I understand your pain that you have had this. But, I am afraid to admit, there is no such system in place with us”.

He made a point; he said he was only for few months. So, he suggested keeping the department’s data in such a way that if the existing manager leaves the company, his or her data can be still accessed by the new manager.

So, I understood and replied, “You are so right, and, let’s be practical, we should do this”.

He seemed happy. I was glad to know him and the work he did around the company and all his dreams to do something for our country.


Your conversation can lead to destruction or peace.

It is not about defending, fighting to prove someone is wrong or right, the outcome of a  conversation depends upon how you deal with it and not blow it!

Choose the right words and be empathetic.

Not every person who talks rudely intends to do harm or to be disrespectful. Understand that it could be out of frustration for something that could be avoided from your side.

At the end, instead of being emotional, be emotional intelligent.

Yours sincerely,

Jessie Velusamy


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One thought on “Right conversation matters all the time!

  1. True, it’s not about defending or fighting to prove that someone is wrong or right, the outcome of a conversation depends upon how you deal with it


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