There was an employee who was in her second trimester of pregnancy.

One day when she could not control her hunger and decided to have her lunch. She waited to see if the lunch group could join (Usually the lunch group would sit with the Department Head).

She saw, where they were supposed to have the lunch, had other team members in meeting. Disappointed she tried to control her hunger (Oh yea, no freedom to have your own lunch, really? Oh yes, you will know it too in sometime).

The wait became longer and finally she decided to start having lunch with one of the lunch group member. They both sat together having the food. 

Then, the Department head joins, and so the remaining herd (other lunch group members) follow her too. As everyone settled to eat, then the department head actually say something that stunned her. The boss asked her “Why are you having the food here? why not in the usual place?” So, the employee explained saying, “Ma’am, I saw others having meeting there, so came here to have food”. To which, the boss says “Oh you, stop your drama, enough! Don’t do all this”. 

The employee was stunned by her apathetic reply thinking that her boss does not even understand that a pregnant woman in her pregnancy need to eat as and when she feels  hungry and eating will help the child to grow too. At the same time, she felt insulted to hear this in front of other colleagues who are way too junior to her. Finally, the employee smiled (still feeling hurt) stating “ma’am, I am only having the food because I am hungry”. But, the boss kept saying to stop and not to drama more.

The employee was definitely discouraged and felt very bad due to her boss’s behavior. What she thought was okay and the boss would understand because she is the most senior most and understanding in the team, actually turned out that she is not! Not only this, during her entire pregnancy, the head boss was cruel, did not give her the expected raise or promotion and let her down every time. But, the employee did not make too much of fuss. She was treated very badly by that Department head and also the other team members were also treating her almost the same way. She was treated not the way she was supposed to be.


Anyways, the employee proved her worth and decided to leave the company for good. Of course, she got her dream job! She was managerial job, a team to mentor and job profile that was of worth!

Now, think and tell how would you have felt if this was happening to you? or what message do you have for such bosses. I would like to have your comments in case if you have had some similar experiences.



Yours sincerely,

Jessie Velusamy


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