Leave or reap!

When you are constantly put up with negative and toxic people, they create negative and toxic situations and environment for you to live in. And, whether you like it or not, you will get affected by it and start manifesting those negative and toxic energy around and into others.
Best way to protect yourself is to find ways staying away from such people and finally removing them permanently from your life! Your well-being is more important than them.



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10 thoughts on “Leave or reap!

    1. Atul, your gesture to nominate me for this award has motivated me at the biggest level.

      I am so honored and at the same time touched that you have nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award, thank you so much, I will surely do the needful.

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  1. You are Absolutely Right!!! We all know from within ourselves when we start feeling discontent and feel a need to form a protective barrier. Things usually go downhill from here because adults don’t change overnight or at all…they will fight to keep the toxic environment, because its familiar. The. Walls could be crashing down around them, but “it’s how they’ve Always done it.” Caring for yourself must be a priority, shake them off and start somewhere else. Insightful and inspirational and just the truth. Monique

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