Plagiarism, then the New Version

Plagiarism –
It is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

For e.g. like you copy a page from an e-book and project the content as yours (without giving any credit or the actual reference about the author).

Genius?! Wait, but what do you call this practice when the person separates a business unit and part of its team initially set up by someone else calling it as one’s own?

There are few articles found in the internet talks in length of its cons. I would like to mention some interesting pointers that I understood:-

1. It sounds like building a house on a rented land. Would you invest your real hard money on it? Not smart thing to do.
2. Remember, your rights are with the original business owner.
3. Any decision you want to take need to be first approved by the owner.
4. If he wants to give the business away, it is because he does not want anything to do with you.
5. You lose your credibility with the fact you are making living out of someone else’s work. What pride should you have?
6. If you have not assessed the cost and expenses behind the new acquisition, you will end up paying for the liability instead of making real money out of it.
7. There is something called loan to equity ratio when you run a business. Did you do your homework first? If you have not, it is like jumping into the water with 1 ton weight tied to you, you will sink!
8. Businesses without solid road-map always fail. Learn first to prepare one before you drag the entire people risking their jobs.

I searched the entire dictionary, but, I have found no word for the above practice.

Let me see other words for plagiarism taken from the internet. These are copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing, poaching, appropriation

The best one is that the word is taken as early 17th century: from Latin “plagiarius” comes ‘kidnapper’. Lolz, kidnapper?! Yeah, a professional one!

I just call it – Copissism (copy + piss + ism). You are copying it because you are not buying the business from the original owner (else could have called acquisition). Since, you are actually violating copyrights by force and, in the process, you are pissing everyone to the core).

Or if you got better word to go along with it, mention it below.

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