I got a new job!


This post is dedicated to the lovely people who were with me in this new journey, new beginning.

All the mourning came to an end as my day starts in the new office with a fresh beginning! What a perfect day to celebrate Christmas and New year! This new job became my Christmas and New Year gift.

We heard it before that with power comes more responsibilities. So, I am now Assistant Manager – Human Resources, Education and Training in top most reputed and recognized institute in Mumbai.

I am really grateful to my Father a lot, Mother and very nice people (in the new office) who helped me with my journey to achieve one of the milestones actually what I was entitled to! I was just not recommended on the basis of mere relationship or assured reference. In the interview, sat 4 faculty members to grill and judge me for the next 30 minutes. It was a task to project the right attitude and approach needed for the job when I knew inside me nothing was right at that point of my life. Nevertheless, I made it! The job was mine.

My love – Cyrus (my son) who helped me lighten the days of struggles with his fun, laughter and smiles that kept me captivated all the time. Love you, chella kutty(beloved kid)!

Almighty Father, Lord Christ who seen me in all the struggles. Thank you for me carrying me in your arms, being gracious and faithful always!

Last but not least, I am thankful to my friends (they know who they are) who were there through my thick and thin, supported me genuinely.

Old things ended for good, now is the start of a new beginning,..
Thanks to all the people who believed in me!



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