There comes a time when you join a company in the hope of being recognized for your hard work and appreciate for being the value addition to the team, your dreams are actually shattered and battered into thousands of pieces. And you are left alone to pick those pieces, by the time you do, you realize you had your dreams built at the wrong side of the green pastures but it was too late. It was too late to realize the person, you always idealized was the wolf hiding in the sheep’s cloth only to devour you and sabotage your career growth. That would be your boss!

These are the red flags to understand before it is too late for you to realize that you have spent chunk of your time and energy under leadership of someone who is not worth it!

  1. When you see new employees promoted right before you and your growth is halted with an excuse that is uncommon, this is the first red flag you need to see! (When you experience this, get out of that company!)
  2. When all of the employees are appreciated and you are the only one left in the team for your long waited entitlement (I mean Promotion here) since the time you have joined this team (Again, get out!).
  3. Your boss will humiliate you particularly (during lunch time, training, brain-storming sessions) among your colleagues and will demean all the opinions shared by you. (Don’t undermine your boss; they are very good at this! Find ways to not be around by picking an activity to avoid that unhappy get-together)
  4. Your boss simply ignores your need to be rewarded despite knowing how much you have out-performed. (Whatever you do, your performance will always be under-rated).
  5. Despite your experience, subordinates with lesser experience are appointed at designations higher than yours (major red flag).
  6. Instead of accepting the fault, your boss will make constant scenes looking like it was your fault (when it is not).
  7. Your boss will take credit of your performances but will sabotage your respect and self-esteem when you were an under-performer.
  8. Despite knowing your worth, she will berate and belittle you in front of the entire team in the meeting / training and in all public gatherings (I want to term it – Public Assault).
  9. Your boss will give reasons why you were not promoted and put the blame on the management when the actual scene is that your boss was alone responsible of rejecting your promotion.
  10. Your boss will act like a victim of how he or she was let down by the management when he or she was giving level best to get you there for that position (Lie! Lie! Lie!)
  11. When you are shown carrot and stick (promotion) for your future performance despite the fact you were never considered for a promotion. Do know even if you performed you will be not be rewarded for years.
  12. On many occasions, she will humiliate you using the employees who did wrong to you at some point of time.
  13. Your boss will talk about you to the whole team sounding you were under-performer all the time.
  14. Your boss will talk about all the favors that were given for you (these are just tricks to quite you down, remember there is nothing else than what you are entitled to).
  15. Your boss does not like you being married, having kids or even having good life. (Do not talk about your personal life to your boss or anyone in office, at one point this will be used against you).
  16. Your boss will portray completely a different picture from the reality for anything and everything to look like the boss is the victim (give your boss a standing ovation for the true acting performance).
  17. Your boss will threaten your career growth constantly.
  18. Your boss will get other seniors work against you. (Your boss can make your coworkers or your seniors to agree to the lies about you that you are very difficult to handle, you got attitude – blah blah).
  19. Don’t trust your colleagues. The other employees will be eavesdropping of what you originally said and fabricate the story before telling your boss. (A** l***ers!)
  20. Your seniors will testify against you and your boss will be punishing you for years without even listening to your side of the story. (This drama is only to sabotage your growth, nothing else and nothing is wrong with you).
  21. Your boss makes a list of whom to be promoted or not despite the company’s policy says clearly what your designation to be after working for that amount of time.
  22. Despite doing all these damages to you, you will be expected to be motivated with just their words and that is unfair.
  23. Your boss knows you are disappointed and upset, but, when you even inquire about your promotion status, this sends them to an edge only to defend them and can be angry at you if you catch them unguarded.
  24. Your boss will be always provoking or intimidating you to create a scene (Keep your voice at the lowest, if you need to speak, say the right things to make your boss understand the wrong doings, don’t drag or beg).
  25. Your boss will threaten with your promotion or job.
  26. Your boss copies anything or everything from the internet (sometimes entire page from e-book) and projects as her own idea before the team (genius!)
  27. Your boss will discourage to go to her boss.
  28. Your boss does not have courtesy to talk or behave properly in the office, can throw things at anyone and even raise voice enough to deafen anyone.
  29. Your boss’s attitude towards you will eventually make you behave worst with your family or loves ones (red flag! Red flag!)
  30. Your boss throws weight as if it’s her company (chill! she is not paying you from her pocket!).
  31. Your boss is someone who is good at destroying morale and motivation.
  32. Your boss is jealous and is someone who cannot appreciate anyone genuinely.
  33. Your boss can never take feedback or problems constructively (You should not be whining about your promotion so what if there is a delay, look you are having job at this bad phase and you should be always be motivated with me saying that you will soon be rewarded).
  34. Your boss will never give you the right status and will leave you struggling alone to figure all by yourself.
  35. Your boss will expect you to smile and greet them while he or she was not being at their best behaviors or attitudes towards you.
  36. Your boss will bark out orders even when you have taken the ownership of that project / work.
  37. Your boss will be making personal remarks on you!
  38. Your boss will actually be making remarks that “abc” or “xyz” colleague is doing more work than you (This is B.S. Google if you want to know what B.S stands for!)

However, the most prominent symptom of all you can experience will be that you would be dragging your feet to work; you will be unwilling to spend time in that environment and feel haunted to be alone with your boss every single day. Then, you could be actually working for a boss who is Barbaric, Obsessed in Sabotaging your Soul.

If you find few, many or entire points resonating your scenario, that is your warning which you should not reason with by yourself.

If you find any which ways similarity around the stated behaviors or situations that you are facing chances are that you are working for such a boss who will be reason for your discomfort and inconvenience in your work place and a major reason to neglect you for your work.

Various studies indicate clearly that working under such toxic bosses will drain you completely and rip you off from your mental and physical health’s well being.

Your boss will try to step on you so many times and so badly that you will be forced to have self-doubts about you. Know nothing is wrong with you and this is about your boss and not you. They are just harmful and whatever ways you try to make it up to them they see as their prey to spit their venom.

If you want to stay healthy up in your mind, which is your source for you to achieve greater milestones and to be happy, then you need to promise yourself to never let anyone do further damage to you and only run away from such bosses. No matter what your boss did to you, forgive them in the end. This is the right choice you would be making for yourself (as who wants to carry the hurt forever and damage yourself more). But I will tell you one thing is to never forget the lessons these bosses give you.

From a well-wisher wishing only wellness

In case you have faced similar kind of situations in the past, I will listen to you with earnest heart. Please feel to share your story in the comment section.

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