Unfinished Interview turned into Job Offer

This story is about my brother who worked in many software companies including Wipro, Accenture and Microsoft. This might sound amazing to you if you are seeking a job right now.

Many years ago, when my brother started his quest for hunting a job, he landed himself being interviewed by a hiring manager of a software company.

The hiring manager was looking for someone matching with the skills my brother had. And, if my brother would have got selected, he would be reporting to this hiring manager.

As my brother was smart in his job, talented and an expert in his area of work; interviews don’t seem to scare him.

But, it was crucial for my brother to stand out in this interview.

He prepared himself for the interview. He brushed upon computer commands and details of his projects that he worked in the past.

The interview day came, my brother was sitting outside the office cabin of the hiring manager and he was waiting for hours for his turn to come.

Finally, he was called in, the interview started; my brother answered all the questions asked by this hiring manager.

But just about when the interviewer asked him why he should hire my brother, his staff rushed in stating about some situation in his office concerning all the computers under vicious virus attack. And the computers stopped working.

The hiring manager believed this was some work of his competitor who did not want to see his software company grow.

The hiring manager asked his staff if any of the team members know how to remove the virus from the systems. The staff member nodded saying no and that no one has been successful in getting this job done before.

The hiring manager turned towards my brother and asked him whether he ever dealt this kind of situation and had success.

My brother smiled, got up from his chair, rolled up his sleeves and slapped the interviewer. And told him that the slap was for making him wait for hours, allowing a staff member to disturb him during the interview and now telling him  to take care of the virus attack in the systems. What about the bloody job that you called him for?!

What?! Are you kidding me?! Slapped?!

This part of the story was purely based on my imagination. “No interviewer was slapped in the making of this fiction story”. My only intention was to mess up with you! Lolz!

Let’s come to the real story. My brother asked the hiring manager to show him the computer systems. He was led to a large office area where few employees were working and many stood looking at my brother.

My brother carefully examined the systems, and, after sometime turned to the hiring manager and told that it will take 2-3 hours to completely remove the virus from all the systems. The virus was uniquely dangerous and it could have corrupted all the files and can make the systems redundant. That could have damaged all the company’s work that has been done so far. The presence of this virus was not just a current threat, it was detrimental to the company! So the hiring manager and all the employees surrounded at the desk looking at my brother with a hope that he could make things alright.

My brother had only one determination and that was to solve the company’s problem.  So, he spent the next 3 hours fighting the virus off the systems. My brother also installed robust Anti-Virus software to ward off the virus entering the systems ever. He almost forgot that he originally had come for the interview.

The hiring manager exclaimed stating “Mission accomplished!”

Everyone applauded and all the employees resumed to work after having a chit-chat with my brother.

The hiring manager looked much relieved and happy. The hiring manager went to explain that such virus attacks had been doing the rounds since many months and they would pay some experts good money to get rid of the virus. But, the hiring manager said he won’t require them anymore.

He walked towards my brother, put his arms around my brother’s shoulder and congratulated him saying, “Well done! Johnson, the job is yours!”

My brother said to himself, “Mission accomplished!”

A sales person can only sell a product to a customer when he knows what the customer needs and how he fulfills the need (selling is not about pitching the product, it is about satisfying the need of the customer and you gaining their trust once you take care of that need. So next time, the customer has the need in the area where your expertise is, he will remember you and you will start gaining his trust and then you build long term relationship).

You need to know what the company is looking for rather than bragging about your what you could do or have done in the past. You can share your past experiences proving that you will be a value addition to the team, then the  company will not hesitate to hire you. All you need to look for is what the company wants in a candidate they are hiring, or for  that opportunity (like my brother had) where you show off the skill and expertise to handle that situation. This will help in gaining the trust of your hiring manager and making him understand that need of the company to hire a candidate will be accomplished once they hire you.

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2 thoughts on “Unfinished Interview turned into Job Offer

    1. Yes, it is something that does not happen in every interview. So, this was special and my brother was hired. The story would have been predictable so put some twist there, am glad you had fun reading the slapping part! Haha, thanks Binita!

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