Tamed Shards of the Shore!

Ah! It was some days now that I was breaking my head to write till I stumbled upon some article. We are very well aware that we cannot escape from paying the penalties of messing up with the system of the Universe. It was indeed amazing and reassuring to know when a man-made creation is surrendered to the nature’s veil how the Mother Nature beautifies and returns us as a gift – Behold! Sea glass is born!

Image from Pixabay.com

Sea glass are just pieces of glass tossed into the water body, tumbled down for decades and appear frosted due to the chemical reaction the glass has with the alkaline water. Beach water has fresh water so the beach glass will appear less frosty.

It’s a no brainer that the color of the sea glass will be same as the color of the glass which was tossed into the sea originally.

The rarer the color, the more is the value of the sea glass. I will mention more about this in my next post!

They are found on beaches along the bays, sea, oceans even on the large river banks.

The process of collecting is called beachcombing/ seaglassing. And, the person who collects the sea glasses is called beachcomber/ seaglasser.

Some of the best places you can find sea glass are:

(Note, you need to check with the law or the property owned by the locals there that ensures you do not take sea glass. Sad, but this is true!)


Sea Glass and Black Bay Beach

Building Bay Beach

United States of America

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

Summerland Beach, Santa Barbara, California

Kauai Sea Glass Beach, Hawaii

Port Allen, Kauai, Hawaii

Hanapepe Bay Glass Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Abaco Islands, Bahamas

Bar Harbor, Maine

Fort Smallwood Park, Maryland

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Spectacle Island, Massachusetts

Flying Point Beach & Bailie Beach, New York

Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

Lake Michigan, Michigan

Port Townsend, Washington

Woodland Beach, Delaware


Sea Glass Beach, Okinawa, Japan

This is the best website https://www.odysseyseaglass.com/ that provides country-wise list of beaches where people reported to have found sea glass. The report will have name of the beaches, state, country, island with pictures and description of sea glass.

The sea glasses are used for aesthetic purposes like Jewelry or Art work.

You can DIY sea glasses into a mural, vase, show lamp, bowl and make some good money selling them.

Image Credit from wendyontheweb.org

Many people would be willing to buy from you to gift someone special, family members, friends for a special day to remember or as a memento to colleagues on their last day at work.

They can be even used as decorative for wall hanging mirror, clocks, in fact anything to make the space in your house look incredible. Can’t imagine! Well, I will be talking more in detail in my next post. Stay tune!

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