10 things your employer is looking in you but will not tell you

While the employer or the hiring manager checks how well your skills and experience matches with the job profile for the vacancy he wishes to fill in, he has not done with you yet even after getting satisfied answers against the technical questions you were asked.

At this time, he is interested and is thinking you as preferred candidate already but wants to know more about you, your solid character that you have which gives more mileage to a business for its functioning.

However eager you are for getting the job, the company will be on the look-out for qualities in you which are not mentioned in your resume.

The company is interested to hire you if the employer …

  1. Understands how your interest level to follow your passion is

When the interviewer asks you how you came into this career, the employer wants to know how you found your passion and worked ahead to follow it. Basically, if you can articulate this into a story, your chance of becoming prominent at an interview is more.

Example: When I finished my graduation, I was looking for a professional course and immediately get placed in a job. During my search, I happened to meet a girl whose father and my father worked in same office. In our conversation, I came to know about packaging course and was interested to know more when I got to know she was the topper of her batch. I went to see the director of the institute running this course. My meeting with him enlightened me and I was convinced to pursue the course. My interest turned into passion for learning Packaging course as I ranked first in my batch. With 7 months hands-on training in a converter’s industry, I was absorbed in the best Pharmaceutical Company and sustained for over 10 years in this industry. (You can have your own story, but let it be a genuine one, no bluffing!)

  1. Knows what your future vision is

This will make them understand that you have a futuristic goal to achieve and for this you will work diligently harder to get to your goal. Lastly, employer will know that your interest to achieve your goal will make you thrive to do work more willingly than just for paycheck. Employers will be happy to make you employee if you are ambitious than taking someone who doesn’t have.

Example: I would like to start a company of my own. But before starting a company, I would like to know how business works. Of course, this won’t be in near future but as of now I need to acquire skills and knowledge in order to run a successful and robust business in future.

  1. Knows your strength

Employers will definitely want to understand what your expertise area is. And, also would be expecting how your expertise will add value to the organization’s need.

Example: I love solving people’s problems. This has helped me to maintain rapport and build relationship with my clients and ultimately winning the goodwill of my clients. These are now dedicated clients who come back to our paid program every year.

  1. Gauges your ability of thinking right before taking the decision

You employer does not want to waste their valuable time to do all the thinking for you. Instead, they will want to hire people who can come up with their own ideas and be able to take decisions. Your boss would want to brainstorm with you, may want you to tackle issues, generate ideas or may even want you to lead others – they need smart and dynamic person! If you have it in you, show off (just don’t overdo)! 

Example: The management took decision to get only Engineering colleges for Phase 1 training program. While planning for the same, understood that for the particular states that I was responsible for training related activities, engineering colleges were quite less and this would result in achieving very low targets. So, I focused in getting the ASC universities and ASC colleges thus helping me in meeting the targets.

  1. Knows you are Proactive not reactive

Proactive employees have go-getter attitude. They do not have to be told to do something. They are already on the job before you tell them. Your attention towards the job profile will interest your manager. Try this!

Example: During the interview, you can ask what your exact job profile would be. And, do mention to the interviewer about what thoughts and ideas you have for the job description.

  1. Sees you as target-oriented

Your employer will want to know whether you are walking the talk. Of the skills you have learnt, how you put it into your task and achieved the target. Talk about how you set a goal to get 100,000 participants for the training in the first year – and how you hit the goal!

Example: I designed a state autopilot model which helped the colleges to get trained in shorter period, maximizing the department to come into the program and in turn organised training session wherein 90% of the total students in the colleges were covered. This way I was able to achieve 100,000 participants in 11 months instead of 2 years.

  1. Sees you as a team person

A manager finds very suitable to take you in his team when you show you can work in a team cohesively. Be ready to answer when you are asked,
“How do you function in your team?” Here he wants to know how you were placed in the team for a particular project that required teamwork, and in which you came through.

Example: 4 months back, we were a team of 4 put in a project to work on state universities and get them on board to do our training, nurture them as partners and get maximum affiliated institutes under them in the Phase 2. So while we were trained for public speaking, we are required to be prepared and give presentation to the Universities’ decision makers, explaining them the details of the project, expectations had with them and what role and responsibilities we have towards them in the collaboration. As the time came, we were in the presentation, 2 of them could not make it to the presentation and I had to pitch in, took the presentation and covered for the two. This was really a successful presentation that I still remember and reminisce as this project gave me a platform to prove my skills to lead a team of 10 in the phase 2.

  1. Knows how you can deal with Customer’s issues effectively

This question is put to see how your customer service skill is. You can flaunt by sharing a story where you helped a customer from its issues by offering some help out of the way.

Example: This particular college’s Organiser had requested for appreciation letter from the state manager. However the state manager encouraged to do some more training and promised to give her work’s recognition cumulatively the next year. The existing state manager resigned. Soon the Organiser got demotivated and finally the college stopped doing any training for 2 years. When I took over, I spoke to the faculty, and when I checked about the training she did from the statistics, I found she did a fantastic work of covering her entire college students and have trained in more than 50% of our available courses. I also understood, this is the first time the faculty requested something for which she contributed genuinely but was de-motivated as her request was denied to get letter of appreciation for her existing work. I immediately took up the case with my management, personally handed over the letter when I was sent to her town following next month for some other work. Finally college came back, since then every semester, faculty organised training. She was grateful for the letter and she helped to get 10 more colleges added to our program that year.

  1. Knows whether you take accountability

The employer wants people who take accountability of their work and the outcomes they have created. Don’t feel shy to talk about how you have taken responsibility in any situations concerning your personal life too.

Example: I was new at the job at purchasing department. It was a new “C” class item that was to be procured due to the shortfall. So, as a norm, I followed up with few vendors and got its quotations. I missed a component while working out the landed cost of the quoted price; the miscalculated price came out to be low. I decided to buy from this vendor. After purchasing the item, my co-worker pointed out to our boss of the missing component, and I understood that the updated calculated landed cost was a bit more than the other landed costs from the price quoted by others. I agreed to the management that this error has happened from my side despite this fact that the material turned out to be supreme quality and served its purpose; we got no complaint with this order. Because of this incident; I learnt about the error I made and never repeated this again.

  1. Knows your Integrity will not be compromised

This quality still ranks in number 1 position as any employer would want their employee to be honest and have strong moral principles. It is this quality that makes the person to reject unethical practice and senses the urge to behave with integrity, adhere to the expected standards professionally at all the times.

Example: This happened in my first job, where I was placed to purchase of promotional items. One new vendor approached me for his business. He offered me a commission against each order I place with his company. I denied this offer immediately as I knew this practice is unethical and my consciousness did not allow me to even continue the conversation. I ended the conversation stating to give us the prices for the material supplied within our budget cost and the material you will be supplying must meet with our standard specifications, then, we will be happy to place repeat order with you otherwise I do not see any opportunity for your business to survive in our company. The vendor never approached me for any business in the future.

I am sure you have set many great examples and you have the stories to share around the above qualities. I do understand job search has never been an easy task. It may or may not take time but if you do the above right, chances are that you have upped your game in the interview of getting hired by the manager.

Leave no stone unturned.

Believe in yourself at all the times (even in failure – be thankful for you have learnt something new).

Keep trying!

All the best to you for your new venture!


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