A letter dedicated to bloggers



Dear Bloggers,

Hi, I am new to blogging. And, I find today to be perfect day as I celebrate my birthday by dedicating this post especially for the bloggers.

Ever since, I wanted to write, there was never a day gone when I did not say to myself “I really want to capture this thought”, “I don’t want to lose any thoughts in the maze of memory lane up there” or “I wish to pen this down now”. The thing is I just thought this all, but never wrote them.

May be I thought no one is going to be bothered about what I think?!

I am dead wrong here.

People who basically get their thoughts out of their mind are not the ones who are out of their mind.

They are the ones who end up helping other people who are losing their mind. And, you might be that one having made that choice already!

Are you for real? Shut up!!

You better don’t underestimate yourself. You can bring change in such people who need us more than anything in this world to reach out to them and give what they were hoping to get at that need of hour.

There are many in this world you will find who are in distress already and are constantly busy with their mind thinking about the things that worry them. This actually handicaps to think creatively anything like how to sustain themselves during the breakdown or to come out with a solution to that problem they are facing, how can they learn to stay calm or what ways to let yourself not  be discouraged.

These are the people who are constantly let down in their lives. They get blocked up in their mind so much that they are unable to think by themselves. These people become vulnerable, ignorant, hopeless, complaining and blind to events that might turn them into better humans.

During my bad times, I had my family, friends, cousin, colleagues, my boss, and my coworkers to help and support me. Still have and can reach out to them whenever I need them.  But there are other people who don’t have anyone or cannot share with people around them what they are going through to come out of it.

Here, may be you can remind them that there is hope, give them that (virtual) shoulder to cry on and to constantly put into their minds that things will be Okay! Someday…..but it will. They want someone to tell them this every day or every time when they look up to you! Why?!

You might resonate with many people who may be going through some existing situations that would swear not to end in their life.

But the fact is that they are so confused that they refuse to think. Thinking is what makes us all capable to live the life that has been given to us.

Your blog has full potential and is the medium to talk to people who have become more like the lifeless. Provoke them, shake them up and at times become their voice till they are able to come to their understanding of what exactly is going on, how can they choose to come through and have their life back! Why wouldn’t they not listen to you?

So my blogger friends, it’s high time that we stop doubting ourselves.

Keep shooting the rockets of thoughts many a times; it might reach the ones in need! In due course of time you will end up having them for life-time or get hated, at least they may teach you something and in return you may learn them.

You started writing with a purpose. Don’t stop till you finish with it!

Have a happy writing!

Yours truly,

A blogger who loves to write


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