“Letting a friend go! It is the most hardest thing to do!”

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Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels.com

My friend who would not stay silent stopped talking. No warning! No hint!.

This post is dedicated to a stranger who won me as a dearest friend.

I met this friend in LinkedIn about a month ago.

He sends me a connection request asking whether we speak the same mother-tongue and that’s how we connected with each other. 5 hours – that’s the duration we spoke the first day as if we were no strangers.

We shared our professional achievements, personal lives, friends etc. It almost looked as if friends catching up at one time living in two countries apart (yes, which was more like the actual scenario).

Though, I almost slept for 3 hours that night, still felt fresh throughout the next hectic day.

This special person was an example of a perfect mentor to me and he never fell behind giving me guidance whenever I needed it.

We were each other’s mentors.

We cheered each other.

Every day, he would greet me and start my day with encouragement.

I felt so close and at the same time dreaded by the thought of losing this person.

Then, one day, my friend got sick, I did not hear from this friend for the next few days.

I was worried. When I sensed there is something unusual going on, I immediately reached out asking what the reason of this silence was.

The friend explained there were some ongoing issues that he has been fighting while juggling between his personal and professional life.

Away from family, piling on work pressure, growing financial loan to repay and so much stress that the friend explained it was a lot to go through and needed space and believed time alone will heal everything.

I too assured my friend that I will always be there when I am needed and also apologized if there is something I did to hurt.

After this, I concluded that we can never know what is going on in other person’s life. And, we must not judge anyone easily.

Still, the courage that my friend always displayed was commendable. Always filled with hope, prayer and faith in the One above! I respect him! I always did!

So I decided to take time and write a small prayer for this friend!

“That time won’t take years to heal you. Let God alone be the provider and protector for you and your family. Let the Prince of Peace dwell in your heart, and, finally you will have the peace which was once lost! You will always be in my prayers! Amen.”

Sometimes, it is hard to let our good friends go, but if all they want is to leave, then, let them go! This is the best thing for your friend and as well as for you.


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