How your friends can change you even if you wanted to be alone?

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In 2016, I shut myself out completely away from all friends, relatives and even colleagues.

Since then, kept everything to myself. It was annoying and sad.

Despite the above choice I made, I was lucky to have good F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They reached out to me, heard me, the more I spoke my heart out with them, I learnt something new about myself and the more I connected with my inner being, the healing began every moment thereafter.

Each one of us needs a friend.

Friends get you even when you are hard to understand.

Friends will always try to reach out to you despite you try to shut them out!

Friends do not need any invitation; they can pop in anytime!

From the tone of your voice, they can sense what is wrong or not living miles away from you!

Friends know you well and will irritate you if they want to!

Friends will offer you their shoulders to cry on and when that becomes routine they will  snap at you saying, “Enough, you idiot! Don’t be like drama queen”.

Friends are brave enough to tell you on your face, “hey sloppy, move on with your life!” (they cannot move you all by themselves, you grown fat).

Saying means things like- “Please, Jess, put your make up on, you are scaring me”.

Or, “Jess, mind if I can have your picture? I need to scare away the mice living in my kitchen”.

And the list just goes on and on….

Friends come in all types of personalities, perspectives, learning choices, aspirations, dreams, purposes and motives.

However they are, they are just perfect and sufficient for us.

They influence your minds in good ways, can make you see look at the world from their eyes, challenge you at times and always uplift you whenever you need it.

I read somewhere “Friends are like walls, sometimes you lean on them and sometimes it’s good just knowing they’re there”.


To add – only when the wall intends not to fall on you!

2 thoughts on “How your friends can change you even if you wanted to be alone?

    1. Hello Nora, thanks for coming back and sharing your thoughts. Ha Ha! You have not seen my pics of 2016, not sure about the mice, but would have definitely scared you! You are absolutely right, friends who love know us, know how to get back at us (in a good way). I thanks God for having good friends!

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