“Only 3 attitudes to have on social media in maintaining healthy community”



You wronged me! I see lately people on social media platforms completely devaluing other’s idea if it is different.

For example, from the picture, you say this is an old woman to which the other says, “No, you mean this woman with the scarf, she must be very young”.

No one is completely right or wrong here. The fact is, people are different, let us do agree, so are their opinions.

We must understand:-

  1. Each person has different personality.
  2. Each person has different journey of life.
  3. Each person has or had different experiences and hence their own perspective.
  4. Each person has different learning preferences.
  5. Each person comes with brilliant ideas.

I can say this as I belong in a team at my workplace where I and my team members are brain-stormed quite often so that each one of us come up with many different ideas, thoughts, strategies, tactics etc. It is with these differences inside people put together achieve great milestones in business.

I believe so are we (in social media), can build a strong community and create resources and continually strive with purposes making even better place for each of us to live in, if and only if each one of us will  –

  1. Respect each person and their opinions.
  2. If you want to agree, say it, followed by what you would want to say.
  3. If you do not agree, do not write comment that will make people feel dejected.

Don’t penalize people for coming out and sharing their opinion!

By the way, it took me long enough to understand, hope some of you will eventually mutually agree and understand this too.


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4 thoughts on ““Only 3 attitudes to have on social media in maintaining healthy community”

    1. Hi Tikno, I am glad you responded to the article, yes, somehow social media has not been graciously used, its purpose has completely misused. We need to question ourselves that will we behave like this if the person was in person ? Keep in touch, thanks!


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