“Unpack Your Dream Job by Pursuing Professional Packaging Course”

…Packaging? You mean like Packers and Movers….someone asked me when I mentioned what I was doing in Pharmaceutical Company.

Packers and Movers?! No! I said. They use packaging materials as an aid to keep the products intact and safe till it has reached the destination.

Really? Yes! Welcome to the world of Packaging!

Packaging is a study of science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages.

Packaging is used to protect, preserve (store), transport, giving information, instruction and even selling the product inside it.

There are different types of packaging and the materials which go into it. It can be categorized into mainly Primary (coming directly in contact with the product), Secondary (used to pack the product with the Primary packaging) to avoid spillage or group them, and, third is Tertiary or transit packaging used for bulk handling, warehouse storing purpose and shipping.

Packaging and its applications prevail in logistics so in many other industries… Chemical, Machinery and engineering goods, FMCG, Electric Appliances and equipment, Manufacturing industries, User Industries, Export-Import Trading companies, Public and Personal uses too.

Today’s success of these businesses is due to the quality of the packaging is. Packaging is not about just packing the product but creates the Product’s image in the eyes of the customer since it acts as strong and non verbal communicative tool for marketing the brand value and enhancing the products identifications and uniqueness on the shelf.

I personally find two distinct institutes in India which are pioneering as the Knowledge provider:-

√ SIES School Of Packaging, Navi Mumbai (has distance learning course also).
√ Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai.

Any graduation in 12+3 format with one year work experience. The entry level is through common entrance test followed by a personal interview. The course requires 6 months of industrial training.

Over the period of time, many colleges emerged in India which runs different levels of programs related to the printing and packaging technology so I leave to the choice of the learners who want to take such programs, they do so on their own level of discretion.

Statistically, it is observed that the Indian packaging industry will see notable growth over 2016-2021. It is also estimated that there are more than 35000 packaging units across the country and most of them are unorganized and lack of skilled human resources who requires an average 3000 packaging professionals annually. Each institute has only 30-60 seats for creating packaging specialists, so there has been increasing demand of such packaging professionals in the market.

So go ahead and apply to make your career!

From a learner who is still passionate.


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